Children’s Reflexology Programme

Here at Infant Massage by Emma I now offer The Children’s Reflexology Programme. The Children’s Reflexology Programme is a short course of fun workshops where you as parents, carers and your child/ren get together to learn how to use a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy to use in times stress and distress throughout childhood and beyond. The course uses a collection of songs, rhymes, pictures and stories to engage children and teach the simple reflexology. This course will show you how to treat common childhood ailments and includes a series of handouts in the form of mini booklets for you to take home and use. The carefully designed series of rhymes, pictures and stories is used to engage your child and to help you to learn remember the reflexology.

Reflexology is a powerful but gentle therapy which is particularly beneficial with children and can be a great help in times of distress and with common childhood illnesses such as constipation, teething, colic and so on. Unfortunately it is not always practical to visit a reflexologist, especially in the middle of the night!

The programme is taught over a series of 6 weeks with 6 1 hour sessions. Each week we will focus on a different protocol which you will then be able to practise at home with your booklet. By the end of the course you will have series of booklets to use to try treat specific childhood complaints. You will also receive a copy of The Mouse’s House book which is available to purchase on Amazon.

The Children’s Reflexology Programme solves all these problems by making it possible for you to give reflexology treatments yourself, whenever and wherever you want.

Programmes will be taught in six week courses for:

  • Babies from birth to pre-crawling
  • 1 year – 2 years
  • Toddlers

Antenatal workshops will be available for women who are 35 weeks pregnant and above. This workshop will teach you the reflexology techniques to support your baby after birth.

Pre/post immunisation workshops will be available to support with the preparation prior to immunisations and techniques which will support post immunisation.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information about the course and one off workshops.

Private bookings for groups or one to one sessions are available upon request.