Benefits of Baby Massage


Infant Massage

So why not come along to one of my courses and join many parents who have already discovered the many benefits of baby massage which can include:


  • Relaxation for parent/carer and baby
  • Promotion of better sleeping patterns
  • Relief from wind and colic
  • Support with digestion including constipation
  • Boost the immune system
  • Development of parent-infant bonding and attachment
  • Development of muscle tone and co-ordination
  • Relief from teething pain
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence in parenting
  • Stimulate the production of oxytocin (the feel good hormone)

Vimala McClure founder of the IAIM states in her book

20150911_134300“Our research suggests that touch is as important to infants and children as eating and sleeping. She notes that loving touch triggers physiological changes that help infants grow and develop, stimulating nerves in the brain that facilitate food absorption and lowering stress hormone levels, resulting in improved immune system functioning. A report by the Families and Work Institute state that during the first three years of life, the vast majority if connections between brain cells are formed. They conclude that loving interactions such as massage can directly affect a child’s emotional development and ability to handle stress as an adult.”


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